Thursday, December 12, 2013

Phone Sex Penile Proliterian: Will Work For Cum

       After finishing a satisfying phone sex blow job the other night, I got the urge to head out and binge on cum. Although the weather was a bit brisk, my juices were enough to keep me warm. I put on a short plaid skirt, white button up shirt, and knee-hi's. In addition to my favorite cocksucking attire, I painted a card board sign with neon letters stating: WILL WORK FOR CUM.

      I arrived at a local truck stop just before dark and made sure to steer clear of all of the lot lizards casing men for money. I was in desperate need of cum and refused to allow any of these wanna-be dick-lickers to get in my way. Crouched on my knees in the gravel with my sign in place, I was soon surrounded by almost a dozen aching men. Although I adore oral phone sex, sometimes one throbbing hard-on is not enough.

    Then the music came. One by One: A symphony of zippers were being pulled south to welcome me to my destiny. Each one with a different sound and a different cure for my craving: Short ones, long ones, fat ones, curved ones..... The hair on the back of my neck stood up and my mouth began to moisten... hardcore phone sex always gets my pussy wet, but the sight of these cocks lined up actually caused an orgasm in my mouth....

    I leaned my head back, stuck my tongue out, and waited for the first one to enter me. I felt the head of his cock hit the back of my throat as my muscles tightened around him. The corners of my mouth became even wetter as he slid that masculine meat in and out of my face. Grabbing my hair tighter, I felt my eyes begin to water as I choked lovingly on his enormous cock until massive amounts of semen flooded my throat... must be heaven on earth.

   One after the other, they roughly fucked my face. Spitting their loads in my hair, my eyes, my mouth, my tits... I laughed uncontrollably in this sea of sperm-- hoping a drought would never come. Unfortunately most good things do cum to an end. Victoriously pumped full of cum, I returned home satisfied.... but only momentarily. Seconds after removing my cum drenched top, I opened the lines for some phone sex face fuckery. Before I knew it the phone rang and I could hear myself panting the words: "Hi, this is Bobbie Jo, let me be your cum slut".

Some things never change :)

Bobbie Jo

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Phone Sex Cum-Dumpster in Desperate Need

21st November 2013

Dear Diary,

     It has been 10 long hours since I have had my mouth pumped full of cum and I am already going through withdrawals. My palms are clammy, my lips are moist (both sets I might add), and I have a tingling sensation in the back of my neck. As I surf the various porn sites to see voluptuous lips swallowing big hard cock, I cannot stop this craving to give an explosive phone sex blow job. It has gotten so bad that just moments ago, I noticed I was running my tongue up and down the receiver hoping that it would ring. What is wrong with me? Why can I not control these urges?

    My pussy contracts at the thought of a baritone voice describing the length, width, and texture of his rock hard manliness. I drool at the idea of running my tongue in circles around the soft folds of that tasty head, praying a drop of pre-cum will run down and grace my throat... I wiggle and moisten in my panties when I hear the moans during phone sex, a stranger releasing his fantasies, and cock, to me. While sucking, licking, kissing, and making love with my mouth, I run my hand down to my own hardening knob and play for a bit....

    Although our private textures are quite different, the outcome is still the same. My thighs too begin to tremble, my stomach muscles tighten, and I whimper softly before my juices flood the outside world... joyous to be released in such a euphoric manner. I need to have the phone sex fucked out of me so that I can tame these urges... I need to hear how someone else is equally desperate, desperate to cum on my tits, face, hair, or anywhere. I simply need to know that I am not alone. I am equally obsessed with receiving cum as you are in giving it to me.

   Fuck my mouth, fuck my face, fuck my mind....but dammit just fuck me. I have an itch that has to be scratched. An incurable addiction that only phone sex can remotely satisfy. **How many inches do you have? I want all of em! Where do you want to cum? Please do. How many guys will I be sucking? Of course that's not too many, more like not enough. Will I go out in public with cum dripping from my face? The busier the place, the better. Will I write cum-slut on my face with lipstick? One step ahead of you.

      Let Me Be Your Phone Sex Cum Dumpster, Make My Dream Cum True!

Long Licks,
Bobbie Jo aka BJ ;)

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Baby, Let Me Be Your Phone Sex Cummy-Bear!

     Some things that turn us on are stranger than others. I was laying in bed this morning, in my panties and tank-top, when I heard Elvis pour out from the television. I rolled over, with a pillow clenched between my thighs, and saw him gyrating to "Teddy Bear." My panties immediately began to moisten as I imagined a hard cock rocking back and forth in my mouth. The blend of nostalgia and sexual craving became so overwhelming that I drifted into a parallel universe, my own dream-like music video based on me being a cum slut, a phone sex Cummy-Bear as the dream suggests.

    In this vision, I am wearing a powder pink tank top with red lettering that says Cum-Dumpster across the tits. My sheer panties are the same color red and accentuate my steadily swelling clit. I am kneeling on a fuzzy white carpet as a large group of naked men surround me with their throbbing hard cocks. All of the different sizes and shapes swing before me, begging for my mouth to milk them. From between my tits, I pull out a tube of red lip gloss and proceed to paint my cock-sucking mouth. The cocks continue to harden around me as I circle my lips in the satiny gloss....

   I reach up with one hand and lick the head of the hardest cock before I belt out my own rendition of Elvis' song:

Baby let me be,
Your lovin cummy-bear
Put a collar around my neck,
And lead my mouth anywhere
Oh let me be
Your cummy bear.

I don't wanna be a tiger
Cause tigers play too rough
I don't wanna be a lion
Cause lions aint the kind
You face fuck enough.
Just wanna be, your cummy bear
Put a collar around my neck
And lead my mouth anywhere
Oh let me be
Your cummy bear.

Baby let my mouth be, around your cock every night
Run your fingers through my hair,
And hold my head real tight..    (Hey, it's my dream, right? lol)

     Before I can even finish the song in my phone sex inspired dream (note to self: stop having oral phone sex so close to bed time), a 10" cock is rammed into the back of my throat (perhaps because I am tone death, lol) and I sing & suck on his man-meat like it is my last meal. My head violently rams itself up and down on that beautiful hardness. I crave cock deep in my throat especially when it makes my mouth overflow with silky saliva. The wetter my mouth gets, the harder his cock gets. I feel the soft mushroom head tickle my tonsils which drives me wild. I slip the heel of my foot under my crotch and rock frantically back and forth while absorbing all of the energy from his electrifying rod.

   His thighs tremble against my face when I begin to drain the sweet & salty load from his phallic magnificence. This drives three members of the group crazy and I feel a storm of protein rain against my face...I realize I must be in heaven and begin to slurp at all of the splattering semen. My rocking intensifies and before I know it, I spasm and release my own stream of nectar into the soft bed of my sheer panties. I fall onto my back, spread my arms open, and welcome the cocks to cum on, in, and with me... Ahh, the sweet satisfaction of swallowing slathers of semen... Yummy, yummy, cummy in my tummy!

   I beg of you, Baby, Let me be you phone sex cummy bear. Fill my mind and mouth with what I crave and hopefully these experiences will continue to evoke these wonderful, yet bizarre dreams. I thrive on sexuality and without my callers, I feel empty. I must hear those two sweet words: I'm Cumming... yell them, whisper them, sing them, but regardless, just let me hear them. I beg of you!

Forever Your Little Cum-Slut,
Bobbie Jo~xoxo
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Craving Cum From Deprived Cocks: Feed My Phone Sex Fancy


Dear Diary,
    Woe is me. I am suffering from a cum-deficiency and desperately need to have my mouth pumped full of hot cum. If I could feed my desires intravenously, I would carry around a bag of sweet & salty semen everywhere I went but in the meantime, I am simply famished. I need a dose of oral phone sex, I need to get my lips wet, my tongue tickled, my face fucked......I need you. Spread my lips wide open, slip down over my soft palate, and feel my a cum-wretch like me...

     It is a rainy day and all I can think of is receiving a rough skull-fucking, my mouth overflowing with cum. This addiction is easy to satisfy but can be a drag when all the hard cocks are napping. Wake-up with some phone sex face fuckery, fill me to the rim, I want to feel it drip from my chin... I want be overrunneth with your cum..... Just forming the words with my moistened lips gets me excited, now all I need is a partner to join in my fiendish addiction...

     Stuck in the house with nobody to play with. Tank top, boy shorts, and too many popsicles. I find myself roaming from room to room giving imaginary blow jobs in every corner... drooling down chest, moistening my panties, waiting, just waiting for someone to phone sex the shit out of me with a throbbing hard cock. Tell me how they want to pull my hair and force my face into their lap, bang it against the back of my throat as my muscles tighten against that savory mushroom-head. Make me lap at it with the tip of my tongue before ramming it deep inside my mouth again...

    Yes, woe is me. Wet pussy, moist mouth, and no dicks to suck. Cum fill this phone sex void, let me taste the sweet satisfaction of your release, cure this craving, feed my hunger, I am begging for it... give it to me, give it to me now!

Long Slow Licks,

xoxo~ *Bobbie Jo*

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Oral Phone Sex Fixation: Diary of The Cum-Facial Queen


Dear Diary,
     My fixation with milking hard cocks with my mouth has intensified... I am always seeking a new outlet to get off while envisioning a rock hard dick in my mouth. I salivate at the thought of having oral phone sex and can't stop the constant craving for cum... cum on my face, cum on my tits, cum in my hair... I want to roll around in my cum-filled accomplishments. I imagine spreading the sweet & salty load from a man's most treasured member all over my skin. I need the silky satisfaction that only a hot shot from a hard cock can provide.

     I woke up late this morning desperately craving oral phone sex-- I had been fighting to stay asleep... I dreamt of an oral gang bang and wanted to stay in the moment forever. Surrounded by numerous dicks, of all shapes and sizes, my mouth and lower region began to moisten, I licked my lips, opened my mouth and welcomed the first taker. His cock was short and thick, it filled my mouth with its delightful splendor... I love to feel the smooth skin of a dick against the roof of my mouth....

    I closed my eyes and worked the head of his cock with my tongue... I could feel the hardness of the others pressing against various places on my body...the back of neck, my forehead, breasts, and stomach. As some got on their knees to fondle my body with their hardness, the others towered over me waiting to take turns in my mouth... Just as I was about to take the third cock, which was long, thick, and throbbing, I began to wake up... I needed satisfaction and frustrated from my near climax in the dream, I soon after had an equally thrilling orgasm during a phone sex milking of another admirer of oral sex...

    So diary, there you have it. I am a cock-sucking fiend, willing to go to any length to have, imagine, or discuss a rock hard dick cumming in me, on me, or hell...anywhere in my vicinity. I have yet to have any experience that compares to being able to describe my love and admiration for oral sex during a phone sex blow job. It satisfies two of my desires: the urge to milk a hard cock and the need to orally express my obsession with what I call "the art of oral sex." Hoping to increase the number of climaxes today by a million, I need more and probably always will...

Love Always,
Bobbie Jo (BJ-- *giggle*)

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Friday, September 20, 2013

~~Fellatio Frenzy~~ Why I Love Oral Sex!

         After a night of erotic dreams, I awoke mouthing the air with my freshly licked lips. The craving to have a hard throbbing cock tickle the back of my throat was so overwhelming that I skipped to the kitchen to grab a grape popsicle. Just saying the word "g-r-a-p-e" turns me on, the way my lips pout to form the gra followed by a wet popping sound. I drift off thinking about fitting my mouth snuggly around the head of a rock hard dick while the popsicle disappears down my throat. I close my eyes and feel it slide past my teeth and over my tongue... 

       I am startled by a phone call from one of my NiteFlirt fellatio followers. "Perfect timing," I think to myself as I lick my lips with delight. Phone sex blow jobs really get my juices flowing and I can feel a stir in my panties as I drop to my knees and begin..... Oops, that's an amazingly private conversation between me and a throbbing cock in need of my oral therapy.  You will have to Call Me for a session of mouth-to-cock sexual resuscitation.

I am constantly in a fellatio frenzy, here are a few causes for my cock-obsession:

                      Top 8 Reasons I LOVE giving Blow Jobs

  • The taste of cock turns me on-- it is the filet mignon of human anatomy!
  • My deep throat and soft tongue were created to suck dick. Hey, a girl can't ignore her destiny, now can she?
  • A hard penis in front of me is a work of art erected for me and I am a true art appreciator!
  • I feel empowered controlling the ecstasy of a man solely with my mouth.
  • I get chills in all the right places when someone calls me a cocksucker!
  • I can perform a blow job anytime, anywhere allowing me to always be in control of my sexual craving.
  • I worship hard cocks and their owners worship me-- win-win situation *giggle*
  • There is nothing, and I mean nothing, like a hot load of cum warming the inside of your mouth before slipping down your throat. (or dripping off my tits, ass, innerthighs, or face...I love it when a load spreads across my lil' cocksucking face...yum!!)
So, now that you know that I am a hard cock-lovin', deep-throatin', fellatio-givin' gal... try my lips on for size. Me, you, and some tasty phone sex is just what my wet mouth and your hard cock requires. Let's cum together so I can redefine oral sex for you.
**Vote Bobbie Jo for BJs in the Morning!

:- Bobbie Jo -:

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Best Phone Sex Blow Job

As you can see I am not you average girl next door.  I am the girl your mother warned you about.  I absolutely love giving a good blow job.  It is one my favorite things to do for you on my Niteflirt phone sex lines.  So if you are looking for a girl that loves to give blow jobs then I am your girls and you can call me on Niteflirt.

When I am on Niteflirt I have the opportunity to make many of your blow job fantasies come true.  I am just a call away on Niteflirt.  When you call my blow job phone sex line, I will tease you with how and what I could do to your hard cock (mmmm love hard cocks).  I would love to be licking and teasing your hard cock with my mouth and tongue.  

So if you are all turned on and ready for some action the call me on Niteflirt for the best phone sex blow job you could imagine.  They do not call me the blow job princess for nothing.  I have earned my name and I plan on keeping it!

Call me on Niteflirt!!

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Friday, April 5, 2013

BJ and the Blog

Yes, I know. I don't get to this as often as I should. I don't tell you all my phone sex secrets, or all of my blow job secrets for that matter. I will tell you this secret though; there's a reason for that. You see, I'd much rather be giving a blow job than talking about one! 

Yes, when I'm out with my girlfriends, I definitely spend a lot of time talking about it, but if I've got a nice hard dick in front of me, well, my first reaction isn't going to be to blog...*lol* I'm on Niteflirt almost every day, helping men with their problems, both big and small. *g* 

I'd sooo much rather be sucking a cock than writing about one! The sound of the zipper being pulled down, the feel of his boxers or briefs as I pull them down, the sight of that nice hard cock straining towards my warm and ready lips, the scent of a uhm...what were we talking about? Oh yeah, something about a phone sex blog, and why I don't write in it nearly enough to please you. 

Well my darling, I've got much better ways to please you. I can do things with my mouth that most women can't do with their entire bodies. I can do it well, and I can do it long. It makes my mouth water just thinking of it! My soft and wet and willing...think of me as your Niteflirt phone sex courtesan. I'll make you forget all about some silly blog! *lol* Even if it IS mine!

Call me on Niteflirt!!

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Submissive Desires

I think I've always thought of blow jobs as a very submissive thing. I mean, there I am, on my knees, with some guy's cock in my mouth. I may gag on it, I might swallow it, he could shoot it all over my face....Oops! Sorry, I was getting a lil caught up in all that! 

So anyway, as I was saying, I've always thought of blow jobs as a very submissive thing. But then, this guy called me on my Niteflirt phone sex line. HE wanted ME to dom him. Oh honey, I can tell you this, my inner Dom came out with a vengeance. All of the things I've had others do to me...I want to do to him. 

I want to tease and torment him, I want him to crawl to me and beg for more. I want to make him into my own little pet slut boy; someone to be cruel the nicest way possible of course! (and if you believe THAT, you should call me on my phone sex line and let me show you exactly what I mean!) 

My phone cut out just as our phone sex domination call was getting good. It's too bad, too, because I was just getting started. Remember, slut boy, that YOU belong to ME, the blow job princess...and that you will be taking orders (and training!) from me. (nervous yet?!!) 

Call me on Niteflirt!!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Zen of the Blow Job

Yeah I know. You're used to those types of girls. The "hurry up and get this gross thing done so we can go shopping" type of girl. You won't get that with me. When you call my Niteflirt blow job phone sex line, you will get so much more!

See, to me, a blow job is more than just a sex act. To me, a blow job is sacred. Not sacred in the way that you should only do it with the one you love, sacred, but sacred as in, I wanna take my time, and do it right every single time. Every single lick should be perfect. Every suck should count. I never want to go too fast, or too slow...I want this to be a religious experience for you also! Judging from all the guys on Niteflirt whimpering "oh God" when I'm not even halfway through one of our phone sex calls, I'd say it's working!

There's a reason why my guys say that I am Niteflirts ONLY blow job GODDESS! There's a reason why they call my phone sex line again and again. Cuz when you're the best (and I am!) they always cum back for more! 

Call me on Niteflirt!!

1-800-863-5478 ext 9964054



Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blow Jobs and Phone Sex

Some people think you can't get a good blow job over the phone. Those people are wrong! Oh honey, with the right equipment (a nice hard cock and a small bit of lube) and a little imagination, you can call me on my Niteflirt blow job phone sex line, and get a better hummer than you'd get going to a local bar and picking up a willing floozy. (not that there's anything wrong with that!) 

When you call me on Niteflirt for a blow job  in the morning (or whenever!) I like to start off slowly...often with the balls, and work my way up. Licking, teasing and nibbling my way up that nice hard shaft...oh so slowly, teasing and playing...lapping at the don't want to know all my secrets, do you? I want your phone sex blow job to be a happy surprise for both of us! 

Whether you've got morning wood, an afternoon hard on, or an evening chubby, I've got just the (dirty) mouth you need. When you call my Niteflirt phone sex line, I'm going to wrap my pretty lips around your nice hard cock and treat you like a sweet drippy popsicle on a hot summer day. I love the cream surprise!! 

Call me on Niteflirt!!

1-800-863-5478 ext 9964054



Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blow Jobs, They're Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

So yeah, my name on Niteflirt *is* BJ in the Morning, and I *do* have an affinity to the early morning wake up call to my oral fixation, but...I don't just play blow job princess in the mornings! I'm an equal opportunity cock sucker! I'd just as soon slurp you up at noon or midnight as in the morning. In other words, I don't discriminate.

One of my favorite things about giving blow jobs on Niteflirt is that I can give so many more than I could if I were running around town giving them out willy nilly. (although don't put that past me!) Barring having a whole team all together in a locker room, (and YES, I DO KNOW!) it's just not feasible to try to get more than a few "in person" blowjobs in, in one day. But on Niteflirt, I can do Peter, then do John(son), and then do Dick! It's like having my own private virtual locker room! One that I can access, any time, day or night. *yummy*!!!

If your favorite thing ever is grabbing a girl by her hair, and forcing her mouth on that nice hard cock of yours, then I'm your girl! I may whimper and protest a bit, but you know I secretly (well, not so secretly now, huh?!) love ever second of it; every lick, every slurp, every. single. drop. If you can't tell, I'm getting totally excited by this, and I need...well...I need cock. I need a nice, big hard cock right now! I'm your Niteflirt cock sucking queen! It's true; blow jobs aren't just for breakfast any more!!

Call me on Niteflirt!!

1-800-863-5478  ext 9964054