Friday, November 22, 2013

Phone Sex Cum-Dumpster in Desperate Need

21st November 2013

Dear Diary,

     It has been 10 long hours since I have had my mouth pumped full of cum and I am already going through withdrawals. My palms are clammy, my lips are moist (both sets I might add), and I have a tingling sensation in the back of my neck. As I surf the various porn sites to see voluptuous lips swallowing big hard cock, I cannot stop this craving to give an explosive phone sex blow job. It has gotten so bad that just moments ago, I noticed I was running my tongue up and down the receiver hoping that it would ring. What is wrong with me? Why can I not control these urges?

    My pussy contracts at the thought of a baritone voice describing the length, width, and texture of his rock hard manliness. I drool at the idea of running my tongue in circles around the soft folds of that tasty head, praying a drop of pre-cum will run down and grace my throat... I wiggle and moisten in my panties when I hear the moans during phone sex, a stranger releasing his fantasies, and cock, to me. While sucking, licking, kissing, and making love with my mouth, I run my hand down to my own hardening knob and play for a bit....

    Although our private textures are quite different, the outcome is still the same. My thighs too begin to tremble, my stomach muscles tighten, and I whimper softly before my juices flood the outside world... joyous to be released in such a euphoric manner. I need to have the phone sex fucked out of me so that I can tame these urges... I need to hear how someone else is equally desperate, desperate to cum on my tits, face, hair, or anywhere. I simply need to know that I am not alone. I am equally obsessed with receiving cum as you are in giving it to me.

   Fuck my mouth, fuck my face, fuck my mind....but dammit just fuck me. I have an itch that has to be scratched. An incurable addiction that only phone sex can remotely satisfy. **How many inches do you have? I want all of em! Where do you want to cum? Please do. How many guys will I be sucking? Of course that's not too many, more like not enough. Will I go out in public with cum dripping from my face? The busier the place, the better. Will I write cum-slut on my face with lipstick? One step ahead of you.

      Let Me Be Your Phone Sex Cum Dumpster, Make My Dream Cum True!

Long Licks,
Bobbie Jo aka BJ ;)

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Baby, Let Me Be Your Phone Sex Cummy-Bear!

     Some things that turn us on are stranger than others. I was laying in bed this morning, in my panties and tank-top, when I heard Elvis pour out from the television. I rolled over, with a pillow clenched between my thighs, and saw him gyrating to "Teddy Bear." My panties immediately began to moisten as I imagined a hard cock rocking back and forth in my mouth. The blend of nostalgia and sexual craving became so overwhelming that I drifted into a parallel universe, my own dream-like music video based on me being a cum slut, a phone sex Cummy-Bear as the dream suggests.

    In this vision, I am wearing a powder pink tank top with red lettering that says Cum-Dumpster across the tits. My sheer panties are the same color red and accentuate my steadily swelling clit. I am kneeling on a fuzzy white carpet as a large group of naked men surround me with their throbbing hard cocks. All of the different sizes and shapes swing before me, begging for my mouth to milk them. From between my tits, I pull out a tube of red lip gloss and proceed to paint my cock-sucking mouth. The cocks continue to harden around me as I circle my lips in the satiny gloss....

   I reach up with one hand and lick the head of the hardest cock before I belt out my own rendition of Elvis' song:

Baby let me be,
Your lovin cummy-bear
Put a collar around my neck,
And lead my mouth anywhere
Oh let me be
Your cummy bear.

I don't wanna be a tiger
Cause tigers play too rough
I don't wanna be a lion
Cause lions aint the kind
You face fuck enough.
Just wanna be, your cummy bear
Put a collar around my neck
And lead my mouth anywhere
Oh let me be
Your cummy bear.

Baby let my mouth be, around your cock every night
Run your fingers through my hair,
And hold my head real tight..    (Hey, it's my dream, right? lol)

     Before I can even finish the song in my phone sex inspired dream (note to self: stop having oral phone sex so close to bed time), a 10" cock is rammed into the back of my throat (perhaps because I am tone death, lol) and I sing & suck on his man-meat like it is my last meal. My head violently rams itself up and down on that beautiful hardness. I crave cock deep in my throat especially when it makes my mouth overflow with silky saliva. The wetter my mouth gets, the harder his cock gets. I feel the soft mushroom head tickle my tonsils which drives me wild. I slip the heel of my foot under my crotch and rock frantically back and forth while absorbing all of the energy from his electrifying rod.

   His thighs tremble against my face when I begin to drain the sweet & salty load from his phallic magnificence. This drives three members of the group crazy and I feel a storm of protein rain against my face...I realize I must be in heaven and begin to slurp at all of the splattering semen. My rocking intensifies and before I know it, I spasm and release my own stream of nectar into the soft bed of my sheer panties. I fall onto my back, spread my arms open, and welcome the cocks to cum on, in, and with me... Ahh, the sweet satisfaction of swallowing slathers of semen... Yummy, yummy, cummy in my tummy!

   I beg of you, Baby, Let me be you phone sex cummy bear. Fill my mind and mouth with what I crave and hopefully these experiences will continue to evoke these wonderful, yet bizarre dreams. I thrive on sexuality and without my callers, I feel empty. I must hear those two sweet words: I'm Cumming... yell them, whisper them, sing them, but regardless, just let me hear them. I beg of you!

Forever Your Little Cum-Slut,
Bobbie Jo~xoxo
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