Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Morning Wood

The very best part of waking up…is a cock not Folgers in your cup. I roll over and see the impression of his hard cock beneath the covers. I cross my legs as my pussy begins to pulsate, desperate to taste to him, to feel him tickle my throat. Without waking him up, I slowly peel the covers back and reveal his hardness to the morning sun. My mouth moistens as I lick his stomach, look up to make sure he is still sleeping, and then slip his entirety into my mouth. It is hard and delicious as I let it rest at the back of my throat before sliding my lips up his shaft and then hugging his head with my tongue. I feel him continue to grow inside my mouth which makes the speed of my licks increase…

He moves a little then moans a little but remains asleep. I slither down the bed so that I can reposition myself between his legs. I pull my nightgown down so that I can rest my tits against his balls and feel the heat that emanates from his manhood. He feels nice against my breasts and I am growing more excited with each move I make. I run the head of his cock over my wet lips, kiss it gently before sliding it down my throat again. My hair begins to tickle him and he awakes…he wraps the ringlets of my hair around his fingers as he applies pressure to my head. He holds me down on the base of his cock while thrusting his hips against my face. My mouth begins to water and I realize how hungry I am for his cum, to have his thick load spill down my throat….but not yet…

As I flick my tongue wildly around him, his grip loosens, his toes crack, and his calves tighten. I look up from between his legs and catch his eyes which are slowly rolling back. He cracks a smile and I begin sucking his cock with full force. In and out of my mouth occasionally fondling his balls with my tits, my tongue, my fingers…his moans get louder and I get wetter. With his entire cock deep in my throat, I roll my tongue back and forth, tickling him, consuming him. I grind my hot wet pussy against the inside of his leg while thrusting my mouth down over his dick repeatedly. I need him to cum on my tongue, on my face, in my hair…I need it so that I can climax against the ever-tightening muscles of his leg.

My cheeks sink in as I suck his rock hard dick with unwavering intensity. I suck harder and faster, I grind my pussy rougher and wilder until I feel that beat in his cock increasing, pulsating before exploding. I feel it build up in his shaft and then travel to the head…all against the roof of my mouth….I hold him deep inside while the first portion of his load pumps directly down my wide-open throat and then I pull-back allowing the sweet sticky substance to shower my face and tits. Meanwhile my pussy has exploded against his knee and I feel it dripping between us. When his load slows down to nearly a halt, I place him back in my mouth and softly nurture him back to shape… In a puddle of cum and morning sun, we fall back asleep, him in my mouth and me tightly trembling against his knee.

xoxoxoxoxo~ Bobbie Jo
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