Friday, September 20, 2013

~~Fellatio Frenzy~~ Why I Love Oral Sex!

         After a night of erotic dreams, I awoke mouthing the air with my freshly licked lips. The craving to have a hard throbbing cock tickle the back of my throat was so overwhelming that I skipped to the kitchen to grab a grape popsicle. Just saying the word "g-r-a-p-e" turns me on, the way my lips pout to form the gra followed by a wet popping sound. I drift off thinking about fitting my mouth snuggly around the head of a rock hard dick while the popsicle disappears down my throat. I close my eyes and feel it slide past my teeth and over my tongue... 

       I am startled by a phone call from one of my NiteFlirt fellatio followers. "Perfect timing," I think to myself as I lick my lips with delight. Phone sex blow jobs really get my juices flowing and I can feel a stir in my panties as I drop to my knees and begin..... Oops, that's an amazingly private conversation between me and a throbbing cock in need of my oral therapy.  You will have to Call Me for a session of mouth-to-cock sexual resuscitation.

I am constantly in a fellatio frenzy, here are a few causes for my cock-obsession:

                      Top 8 Reasons I LOVE giving Blow Jobs

  • The taste of cock turns me on-- it is the filet mignon of human anatomy!
  • My deep throat and soft tongue were created to suck dick. Hey, a girl can't ignore her destiny, now can she?
  • A hard penis in front of me is a work of art erected for me and I am a true art appreciator!
  • I feel empowered controlling the ecstasy of a man solely with my mouth.
  • I get chills in all the right places when someone calls me a cocksucker!
  • I can perform a blow job anytime, anywhere allowing me to always be in control of my sexual craving.
  • I worship hard cocks and their owners worship me-- win-win situation *giggle*
  • There is nothing, and I mean nothing, like a hot load of cum warming the inside of your mouth before slipping down your throat. (or dripping off my tits, ass, innerthighs, or face...I love it when a load spreads across my lil' cocksucking face...yum!!)
So, now that you know that I am a hard cock-lovin', deep-throatin', fellatio-givin' gal... try my lips on for size. Me, you, and some tasty phone sex is just what my wet mouth and your hard cock requires. Let's cum together so I can redefine oral sex for you.
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:- Bobbie Jo -:

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