Sunday, January 19, 2014

Return of the Phone Sex Cum-Slut

Let me suck that hard fat cock. I want to taste you from deep within…

What do phone sex cum-sluts do for fun? Milk more cocks for more cum. I want to kneel on the floor while you tightly hold my hair back and let me mouth-fuck that dick. It’s about time you let a fellatio fanatic take control. I will twist my tongue around the head of your cock before sliding its entirety down my throat. You just sit back…
My tongue moistens with each pump, my mouth stretching over each curve of your cock. I love to listen to the slippery smacks of my lips as I pull you deep inside the softness of my wet aperture. Up and down, fast and slow…my mouth knows no limits. I slide It back out, tighten my fingers around its massiveness, and flick my tongue over those throbbing balls. Suck each one into my mouth and tickle you with the tip of my tastiness…

Once your balls are lathered with my silky saliva, I will trail my tongue up the length of your cock, relax my muscles, and swallow you whole. Oral phone sex can be a lot more intense with you in my hot hole. Flex my throat against the head of your dick, run my mouth over and over and over your hardness. I may reach down and toy with my clit right before you cum…

Circling a finger around my ever-growing pink button while violently face fucking that magnificently hard c-o-c-k. I want to feel every moment of your orgasm: cock hardening against the roof of my mouth, veins pulsating against my tongue, and the head, oh that glorious head, shooting long streams of hot delicious cum. Shooting it straight down my throat while my pussy explodes all over my hand. Hell yes, phone sex can almost be too fun!!
Your Personal Cum-Slut,
Xoxo~Bobbie Jo  
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Your Cum Queen's New Years Resolutions...

     Hmm....with the tip of my index finger in my mouth, playing with the soft wet curve of my tongue, I begin listing my New Years' Resolutions for 2014...

What on earth could a cum-hungry fellatio fanatic like me want to change??

Drumroll please....


Suck as MUCH COCK as humanly possible! And I mean AS MUCH. Strangers, friends, neighbors... you name them, I will suck them. I want to be so pumped full of cum that I must lay on my stomach to get one last drop... Fill all of my holes, cover my body in that thick frothy baby batter...


Masturbate during phone sex at least 25 times a day. This is my new health cleanse plan. I want to rid my body of any cravings on a daily basis. I want my clit and little pink love hole to be so exhausted when I go to bed that they no longer wake me up and insist that I hunt down cock.


Create the WWCSF (World Wide Cock-Sucker Federation). A group where fellow cocksuckers and lovers of having their cocks sucked unite! We could have a cockapalooza! It's raining cum, hallelujah!


Try to live out one fantasy per a week. This weeks is...

Go to a club. Ask a total stranger to blindfold me and ask every random guy in the establishment to ram his cock in my mouth. I want to stand frozen and allow the men to position me as they see fit.
Potential Questions from Oral Sex Receivers:
Can I hang her head upside down over a bar stool and shove my cock deep in her throat? Sure. May I lift her shirt and titty-fuck her before spraying her face with my cum? But of course!! Will she kneel down and let me use her ears as handles while I skull fuck the shit out of her? Hell Yeah!!!! Can I cum anywhere I want? Yes you silly goose, that's what cum-sluts are good for. Might I slap her with my cock? She wouldn't want it any other way. Will she suck me and my 6 friends off? Haha, you shouldn't have to ask but to answer your question: the more the merrier!

Lets start the New Year off together. Need an awesome recipe to bring in the New Year with a bang? Try this one:

My Mouth
My Tongue
My Throat
Your Cock
Insert, thrust, ram, rape, pump, or fuck my face-hole. Any which way, it's delicious!

Let's engage in some orgasmic phone sex this year!

xoxo~ Bobbie Jo

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