Thursday, December 12, 2013

Phone Sex Penile Proliterian: Will Work For Cum

       After finishing a satisfying phone sex blow job the other night, I got the urge to head out and binge on cum. Although the weather was a bit brisk, my juices were enough to keep me warm. I put on a short plaid skirt, white button up shirt, and knee-hi's. In addition to my favorite cocksucking attire, I painted a card board sign with neon letters stating: WILL WORK FOR CUM.

      I arrived at a local truck stop just before dark and made sure to steer clear of all of the lot lizards casing men for money. I was in desperate need of cum and refused to allow any of these wanna-be dick-lickers to get in my way. Crouched on my knees in the gravel with my sign in place, I was soon surrounded by almost a dozen aching men. Although I adore oral phone sex, sometimes one throbbing hard-on is not enough.

    Then the music came. One by One: A symphony of zippers were being pulled south to welcome me to my destiny. Each one with a different sound and a different cure for my craving: Short ones, long ones, fat ones, curved ones..... The hair on the back of my neck stood up and my mouth began to moisten... hardcore phone sex always gets my pussy wet, but the sight of these cocks lined up actually caused an orgasm in my mouth....

    I leaned my head back, stuck my tongue out, and waited for the first one to enter me. I felt the head of his cock hit the back of my throat as my muscles tightened around him. The corners of my mouth became even wetter as he slid that masculine meat in and out of my face. Grabbing my hair tighter, I felt my eyes begin to water as I choked lovingly on his enormous cock until massive amounts of semen flooded my throat... must be heaven on earth.

   One after the other, they roughly fucked my face. Spitting their loads in my hair, my eyes, my mouth, my tits... I laughed uncontrollably in this sea of sperm-- hoping a drought would never come. Unfortunately most good things do cum to an end. Victoriously pumped full of cum, I returned home satisfied.... but only momentarily. Seconds after removing my cum drenched top, I opened the lines for some phone sex face fuckery. Before I knew it the phone rang and I could hear myself panting the words: "Hi, this is Bobbie Jo, let me be your cum slut".

Some things never change :)

Bobbie Jo

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