Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Mile-High Club: Milking Cock Edition

I had just boarded the plane for my annual holiday in New Mexico and was searching for my seat when I suddenly realized that the plane was practically overflowing with sexy men. Short and stocky ones, tall dark and handsome dishes, and even a few polished Harvard boys. I felt my mouth moisten almost as much as that patch tucked away in the comfort of my cotton panties beneath my short plaid skirt. I skimmed the rows for my seat and found my spot next to a tall tanned young man with short wavy blonde hair. My eyes locked with his and he immediately rose to greet me. He was towering above me and I could feel my eyes trace the strength of his chin, the muscles protruding through the soft folds of his t-shirt, and then the defined outline of his cock beneath a pair of khaki shorts. My eyes memorized the rim, the mushroom head of his enormous dick. I felt myself immediately drawn to his shorts and never moved them away, even once we were seated. 

He stared anxiously at the ceiling as the plane took off and I comforted myself by observing how his cock would rise and fall beneath his shorts as we ascended into the clouds. I felt a stream of satiny saliva drizzle down my chin as I hungrily watched his cock harden then rise as the plane climbed higher and higher.

He appeared to be frozen from fear and I decided to ease his anxiety a bit by allowing my hand to fall into his lap. The hardness of his cock was now pressed against my palm as I began to massage his manhood. Aside from a small gasp, he showed very little resistance. I allowed my fingers to tighten then loosen around the thickness of his ever-growing tool. He watched as I desperately licked my lips practically begging for him to part them with his cock.

 I became so overwhelmed with desire that I headed for the bathroom to relieve my tension but soon found that his hard cock was rubbing against my ass as he followed me into the small bathroom at the back of the plane. I heard him lock the door before whisking me around and holding my shoulders until I was down on my knees. His right hand slid off of my shoulder and into my hair as he leaned my head back to look up at him. His other hand unzipped his pants and his cock fell out onto my face. My tongue lapped at the air as I tried desperately to suck his cock into my mouth. He yanked my head from one side to the other teasing me and rubbing his cock over my forehead, my eyes, my cheeks, my chin…but torturing me by not allowing it to grace my tongue……………yet.

As his hand finally released my hair, I attacked his cock with my mouth. I pulled its entirety into my throat as I wildly flicked my tongue over the softness of his skin. His dick grew further as I felt it stab wonderfully at the back of my throat which made my mouth even wetter. My slurping sounds increased as I pulled and tugged at his hard dick with my lips. He lifted my hair off my neck with his hand and used it as a reign to control my motion. My moist lips slid up and down his shaft until I tasted the sweetness of his pre-cum slide down the back of my throat.

 Not wanting this delicious moment to end, I removed his cock from my mouth and massaged his pulsating head with my thumb and forefinger. His cock bounced between my fingers as I slowly incorporated my tongue back into the scenario. I ran my tongue around the head of his cock as my hands tightly massaged his shaft. His veins began to pump and I knew that it would not be long before he pumped my mouth full of his sticky sweet substance. 

Just as I rammed his whole fleshy mass down my throat again, the plane hit a little turbulence which caused my mouth to tighten its grip. His muscles tensed, his pupils disappeared behind their lids, and he let out a whimpering noise as I milked a large load of cum from his member. I sucked and lapped at all the cum pouring out over my tongue and down my throat. The taste of his salty sweet nectar made my pussy throb before releasing all of its juices down my exposed thighs. I continued to tickle him with my tongue until his manhood was resting comfortably in my mouth. He stared down at me and admired my lips which were now covered in the remnants of his load. He exited the bathroom first and I gave him a little wink when I finally returned to our seats. 

It turns out that the fleet of sexy men were all headed for a conference AND staying at the same hotel as me. Needless to say, it was the best vacation of my life and by the end of the first night, I lost count of how many dicks my mouth had milked…. To be continued...

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Morning Wood

The very best part of waking up…is a cock not Folgers in your cup. I roll over and see the impression of his hard cock beneath the covers. I cross my legs as my pussy begins to pulsate, desperate to taste to him, to feel him tickle my throat. Without waking him up, I slowly peel the covers back and reveal his hardness to the morning sun. My mouth moistens as I lick his stomach, look up to make sure he is still sleeping, and then slip his entirety into my mouth. It is hard and delicious as I let it rest at the back of my throat before sliding my lips up his shaft and then hugging his head with my tongue. I feel him continue to grow inside my mouth which makes the speed of my licks increase…

He moves a little then moans a little but remains asleep. I slither down the bed so that I can reposition myself between his legs. I pull my nightgown down so that I can rest my tits against his balls and feel the heat that emanates from his manhood. He feels nice against my breasts and I am growing more excited with each move I make. I run the head of his cock over my wet lips, kiss it gently before sliding it down my throat again. My hair begins to tickle him and he awakes…he wraps the ringlets of my hair around his fingers as he applies pressure to my head. He holds me down on the base of his cock while thrusting his hips against my face. My mouth begins to water and I realize how hungry I am for his cum, to have his thick load spill down my throat….but not yet…

As I flick my tongue wildly around him, his grip loosens, his toes crack, and his calves tighten. I look up from between his legs and catch his eyes which are slowly rolling back. He cracks a smile and I begin sucking his cock with full force. In and out of my mouth occasionally fondling his balls with my tits, my tongue, my fingers…his moans get louder and I get wetter. With his entire cock deep in my throat, I roll my tongue back and forth, tickling him, consuming him. I grind my hot wet pussy against the inside of his leg while thrusting my mouth down over his dick repeatedly. I need him to cum on my tongue, on my face, in my hair…I need it so that I can climax against the ever-tightening muscles of his leg.

My cheeks sink in as I suck his rock hard dick with unwavering intensity. I suck harder and faster, I grind my pussy rougher and wilder until I feel that beat in his cock increasing, pulsating before exploding. I feel it build up in his shaft and then travel to the head…all against the roof of my mouth….I hold him deep inside while the first portion of his load pumps directly down my wide-open throat and then I pull-back allowing the sweet sticky substance to shower my face and tits. Meanwhile my pussy has exploded against his knee and I feel it dripping between us. When his load slows down to nearly a halt, I place him back in my mouth and softly nurture him back to shape… In a puddle of cum and morning sun, we fall back asleep, him in my mouth and me tightly trembling against his knee.

xoxoxoxoxo~ Bobbie Jo
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dick-Sucking Disco

     Dressed in black knee-hi boots, a hot pink mini-skirt, and a shirt that read “Daddy’s Little Girl,” I walked into the club ready to suck some cock. My lips were painted with bubble gum gloss and my hair was swept up off my neck in a clip (this helps have an incident-free cocksucking fest). I wish I had let my friend buy me the “Dick Suckers Anonymous” tee on the boardwalk but tonight my lips will have to serve as an invitation. A faceless, nameless man was propped up against the wall near the back and I got ready to pounce…
     I approached him with cat-like grace and proceeded to dance in front of him. The smile he cracked led me to back my ass up against his well-dressed cock. I could feel it hardening between my cheeks as I grinded my body against his. Once his cock was at full attention, I spun around to face him and danced my way down into a kneeling position. The crowds and darkness were enough to hide what I was about to do….still swaying my hips to the beat, I unzipped his pants and searched his boxers with my mouth. With ease, I was able to get my tongue into that adorable little entrance on his boxers…
     I ran my tongue gently around that aching head before applying a heavy enough suction to release the entirety of his cock from his pants and into my mouth. My pussy pulsated with every motion I applied to his ever-growing member. I let the heel of my boot find its way towards my panties and I preceded to heel fuck my cunt. His cock tasted like an ocean breeze, a champagne mimosa on a Sunday morning…a delicious mouth full of man. I let the head of his enormous cock rest in the back of my throat as I circled the entire shaft with my hungry tongue. Lapping anxiously from the base to the head…I wanted the moment to last forever but at the same time I desperately wanted to taste his cum…
     Out of the corner of my eye I saw a blurred vision but once my eyes focused, I realized I was enclosed in a circle of cocks. The well-dressed man deep in my throat had waved his buddies over and they were all awaiting my mouth. At that very moment, my pussy gushed all over the heel of my boot and I sucked all of the life out of that delicious dick. He came hard at first, pulsating rough waves hitting the back of my throat and then he finished off on the tip of my tongue. I did not swallow, instead I turned my head, opened my mouth wide, and allowed the next one to slide his cock over my cum-covered tongue.
      He was close to climaxing as he entered me…he grabbed my hair and repeatedly slammed his cock into the depths of my mouth. Within seconds, his body was trembling against my face as he released all of his energy into the pit of my stomach. The third one had already approached from behind and was squeezing and pinching my tits under my recently pulled-up shirt. He wasted no time before pulling my head backwards and dipping his rock hard rod in and out of my dripping wet mouth. My back was arched, tits exposed, and pussy throbbing as he fucked my face upside down from behind.

     Any moment I would have screamed for someone to touch me but my thoughts were answered. Another gentleman kneeled before me, violently sucking my nipples and finger pounding my pussy. I heard the circle of men cheering him on and for a moment I thought I had died and gone to cock-sucker’s heaven. He finger fucked both of my holes until his hand and wrists were covered in my welcomed release. As I came, long and hard, my mouth and throat tightened around that magnificent man meat in my mouth until I totally milked every last drop.  I blew bubbles with his cum and laughed in pure euphoric delirium. Thank goodness for men!! Actually scratch that, thank goodness for COCK!!  J

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What Deep Throat Means To Me...

What Deep Throat Means To Me??

Deep throating is not just an action, it is an experience. I stare a flaccid cock in its eye and watch it grow before me as my tongue tickles the head and my hand fondles those precious balls that are craving attention. With my other hand, I always reach between my legs and slide my fingers up and down that ever-moistening slit. My mouth needs to learn every inch of a hard cock before my throat does. I run my tongue up and down the base, careful to only place the head in my mouth. When he is almost to his “full potential,” I relax my throat muscles then…

Ram it into the back of my throat. No gagging but the tears that well up in my eyes make my pussy throb. I love to perform in a mirror so I can watch someone’s entire manhood disappear into my throat. My muscles open and close as my inner-cocksucker tightens around a man’s rock-hard dick. Those magnificent tears signify my throat’s happiness…pure pleasure from having a mouth totally filled with cock.

I just hold it there and savor it as it continues to harden against my tongue. Simply de-li-cious. After waiting a few moments, I work my entire face up and down that slick rod, pulling my cheeks in with every suck. I am ready to milk it for all its worth. Have my cheeks filled with cum but first I must make it mine. I swirl my tongue in circles as it slides in and out and over my lips. I increase my speed, fondle the balls a little more intensely, and finger my pussy until it swallows my hand. I need the cum but even more so the experience leading up to explosion.

I want him to get to know my mouth with his entire cock. Let me know that every inch of that throbbing piece of meat is all, ALL mine. Then I will let loose and allow my mouth’s desperation to milk every last drop from his body. I feel the pre-cum begin to trickle down my throat and my enthusiasm rises. My mouth and tongue move hard and fast as I begin to feel the cock pulsate before it cums.

 I readjust my body so that my mouth may swallow him like a fountain. And then….and then it bursts. First, hard pumps of cum hit the back of my throat followed by the vibrating sensation of the dick’s personal desire to release all of its energy into me. I welcome it gladly before I explode over my fingers and onto my wrist. We are mutually and absurdly satisfied as I swallow the very last drop and allow my pussy to overflowth onto the floor. Marvelous!
Cum Let Me Suck You,
Bobbie Jo*


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Confessions of an Oral Phone Sex Fiend

I awoke to the hottest puddle between my thighs. My lips (the ones on my face, lol) were moist from an intense cock sucking dream. Right before I woke up, I was surrounded by eight bucking bronco-like men. On my knees and circled by a plethora of hard throbbing cocks, I stuck my tongue out like a kid catching rain and felt the semen pour down. My tongue carefully catching all of the drops that missed my hair, cheeks, and eyes. I rocked my pussy back and forth on my heel as I came with these gorgeous specimens. Then…

I woke up. The puddle between my thighs was still there but the magnificent circle of cocks was not. I rubbed my clit for a few minutes then licked my lips and turned on the phones. This oral phone sex fiend was going to milk some morning cocks. My first call had me twist my body until my head hung off the side of the bed. As I swallowed all ten inches of my favorite dildo, I imagined him dipping his cock….and balls in and out of my throat. I could actually feel each pump before he filled my throat with that thick hot cum. Reaching down, squeezing and toying with my tits as he finished gyrating in my mouth. De-li-cious!

Next up on my oral phone sex caller list was a gentle regular who simply adores making love to my mouth. He lies back on a round bed as I perform my ritual. Hands behind his head and eyes on me, he watches me slowly slither my naked body onto the bed. I gently spread his legs slightly apart before crawling up to praise his cock, “Is this standing ovation just for me?,” he nods yes. 

With my ass in the air and eyes locked with his, I lick and kiss the magnificent head before me. I place the whole tip in my mouth and run my tongue in circles before swallowing him whole. My mouth is flush against his skin and he is quickly hardening in my mouth. He outstretches in my throat and I glide my lips up and down the entirety of his cock. I never take my eyes off of him and then the tell-tale sign of sweet ejaculation…his toes curl, his eyes shut, and his lip quivers. His load comes out slow as I swallow anxiously to taste each drop. I leave my mouth at the base of his cock as it shrinks from pleasure against my tongue…

The phone rings again and I am feeling oral phone sex fever. Rougher and harder this time. He tells me to put on a bikini and head outside. Once I arrive there, I see a line of men in bathing suits, cocks hard and waiting for me to take my place. I am ordered to sit back on a poolside lounge chair and then my hands are tied behind me. Sitting at a 90 degree angle, sun beating on my face, the first one approaches me…

He yanks my head back by the hair, removes one breast from my bathing suit, and straddles me. With one hand he is holding my hair; with the other he is roughly groping my tit. I feel him stab my mouth with his cock and my pussy overflows with joy. He repeatedly pounds my throat before pulling out and decorating my face with cum. The others are cheering and the next guy comes up from the side and…
Til Next Time...

Long Wet Licks,
Bobbie Jo

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Return of the Phone Sex Cum-Slut

Let me suck that hard fat cock. I want to taste you from deep within…

What do phone sex cum-sluts do for fun? Milk more cocks for more cum. I want to kneel on the floor while you tightly hold my hair back and let me mouth-fuck that dick. It’s about time you let a fellatio fanatic take control. I will twist my tongue around the head of your cock before sliding its entirety down my throat. You just sit back…
My tongue moistens with each pump, my mouth stretching over each curve of your cock. I love to listen to the slippery smacks of my lips as I pull you deep inside the softness of my wet aperture. Up and down, fast and slow…my mouth knows no limits. I slide It back out, tighten my fingers around its massiveness, and flick my tongue over those throbbing balls. Suck each one into my mouth and tickle you with the tip of my tastiness…

Once your balls are lathered with my silky saliva, I will trail my tongue up the length of your cock, relax my muscles, and swallow you whole. Oral phone sex can be a lot more intense with you in my hot hole. Flex my throat against the head of your dick, run my mouth over and over and over your hardness. I may reach down and toy with my clit right before you cum…

Circling a finger around my ever-growing pink button while violently face fucking that magnificently hard c-o-c-k. I want to feel every moment of your orgasm: cock hardening against the roof of my mouth, veins pulsating against my tongue, and the head, oh that glorious head, shooting long streams of hot delicious cum. Shooting it straight down my throat while my pussy explodes all over my hand. Hell yes, phone sex can almost be too fun!!
Your Personal Cum-Slut,
Xoxo~Bobbie Jo  
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Your Cum Queen's New Years Resolutions...

     Hmm....with the tip of my index finger in my mouth, playing with the soft wet curve of my tongue, I begin listing my New Years' Resolutions for 2014...

What on earth could a cum-hungry fellatio fanatic like me want to change??

Drumroll please....


Suck as MUCH COCK as humanly possible! And I mean AS MUCH. Strangers, friends, neighbors... you name them, I will suck them. I want to be so pumped full of cum that I must lay on my stomach to get one last drop... Fill all of my holes, cover my body in that thick frothy baby batter...


Masturbate during phone sex at least 25 times a day. This is my new health cleanse plan. I want to rid my body of any cravings on a daily basis. I want my clit and little pink love hole to be so exhausted when I go to bed that they no longer wake me up and insist that I hunt down cock.


Create the WWCSF (World Wide Cock-Sucker Federation). A group where fellow cocksuckers and lovers of having their cocks sucked unite! We could have a cockapalooza! It's raining cum, hallelujah!


Try to live out one fantasy per a week. This weeks is...

Go to a club. Ask a total stranger to blindfold me and ask every random guy in the establishment to ram his cock in my mouth. I want to stand frozen and allow the men to position me as they see fit.
Potential Questions from Oral Sex Receivers:
Can I hang her head upside down over a bar stool and shove my cock deep in her throat? Sure. May I lift her shirt and titty-fuck her before spraying her face with my cum? But of course!! Will she kneel down and let me use her ears as handles while I skull fuck the shit out of her? Hell Yeah!!!! Can I cum anywhere I want? Yes you silly goose, that's what cum-sluts are good for. Might I slap her with my cock? She wouldn't want it any other way. Will she suck me and my 6 friends off? Haha, you shouldn't have to ask but to answer your question: the more the merrier!

Lets start the New Year off together. Need an awesome recipe to bring in the New Year with a bang? Try this one:

My Mouth
My Tongue
My Throat
Your Cock
Insert, thrust, ram, rape, pump, or fuck my face-hole. Any which way, it's delicious!

Let's engage in some orgasmic phone sex this year!

xoxo~ Bobbie Jo

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