Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Mile-High Club: Milking Cock Edition

I had just boarded the plane for my annual holiday in New Mexico and was searching for my seat when I suddenly realized that the plane was practically overflowing with sexy men. Short and stocky ones, tall dark and handsome dishes, and even a few polished Harvard boys. I felt my mouth moisten almost as much as that patch tucked away in the comfort of my cotton panties beneath my short plaid skirt. I skimmed the rows for my seat and found my spot next to a tall tanned young man with short wavy blonde hair. My eyes locked with his and he immediately rose to greet me. He was towering above me and I could feel my eyes trace the strength of his chin, the muscles protruding through the soft folds of his t-shirt, and then the defined outline of his cock beneath a pair of khaki shorts. My eyes memorized the rim, the mushroom head of his enormous dick. I felt myself immediately drawn to his shorts and never moved them away, even once we were seated. 

He stared anxiously at the ceiling as the plane took off and I comforted myself by observing how his cock would rise and fall beneath his shorts as we ascended into the clouds. I felt a stream of satiny saliva drizzle down my chin as I hungrily watched his cock harden then rise as the plane climbed higher and higher.

He appeared to be frozen from fear and I decided to ease his anxiety a bit by allowing my hand to fall into his lap. The hardness of his cock was now pressed against my palm as I began to massage his manhood. Aside from a small gasp, he showed very little resistance. I allowed my fingers to tighten then loosen around the thickness of his ever-growing tool. He watched as I desperately licked my lips practically begging for him to part them with his cock.

 I became so overwhelmed with desire that I headed for the bathroom to relieve my tension but soon found that his hard cock was rubbing against my ass as he followed me into the small bathroom at the back of the plane. I heard him lock the door before whisking me around and holding my shoulders until I was down on my knees. His right hand slid off of my shoulder and into my hair as he leaned my head back to look up at him. His other hand unzipped his pants and his cock fell out onto my face. My tongue lapped at the air as I tried desperately to suck his cock into my mouth. He yanked my head from one side to the other teasing me and rubbing his cock over my forehead, my eyes, my cheeks, my chin…but torturing me by not allowing it to grace my tongue……………yet.

As his hand finally released my hair, I attacked his cock with my mouth. I pulled its entirety into my throat as I wildly flicked my tongue over the softness of his skin. His dick grew further as I felt it stab wonderfully at the back of my throat which made my mouth even wetter. My slurping sounds increased as I pulled and tugged at his hard dick with my lips. He lifted my hair off my neck with his hand and used it as a reign to control my motion. My moist lips slid up and down his shaft until I tasted the sweetness of his pre-cum slide down the back of my throat.

 Not wanting this delicious moment to end, I removed his cock from my mouth and massaged his pulsating head with my thumb and forefinger. His cock bounced between my fingers as I slowly incorporated my tongue back into the scenario. I ran my tongue around the head of his cock as my hands tightly massaged his shaft. His veins began to pump and I knew that it would not be long before he pumped my mouth full of his sticky sweet substance. 

Just as I rammed his whole fleshy mass down my throat again, the plane hit a little turbulence which caused my mouth to tighten its grip. His muscles tensed, his pupils disappeared behind their lids, and he let out a whimpering noise as I milked a large load of cum from his member. I sucked and lapped at all the cum pouring out over my tongue and down my throat. The taste of his salty sweet nectar made my pussy throb before releasing all of its juices down my exposed thighs. I continued to tickle him with my tongue until his manhood was resting comfortably in my mouth. He stared down at me and admired my lips which were now covered in the remnants of his load. He exited the bathroom first and I gave him a little wink when I finally returned to our seats. 

It turns out that the fleet of sexy men were all headed for a conference AND staying at the same hotel as me. Needless to say, it was the best vacation of my life and by the end of the first night, I lost count of how many dicks my mouth had milked…. To be continued...

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