Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What Deep Throat Means To Me...

What Deep Throat Means To Me??

Deep throating is not just an action, it is an experience. I stare a flaccid cock in its eye and watch it grow before me as my tongue tickles the head and my hand fondles those precious balls that are craving attention. With my other hand, I always reach between my legs and slide my fingers up and down that ever-moistening slit. My mouth needs to learn every inch of a hard cock before my throat does. I run my tongue up and down the base, careful to only place the head in my mouth. When he is almost to his “full potential,” I relax my throat muscles then…

Ram it into the back of my throat. No gagging but the tears that well up in my eyes make my pussy throb. I love to perform in a mirror so I can watch someone’s entire manhood disappear into my throat. My muscles open and close as my inner-cocksucker tightens around a man’s rock-hard dick. Those magnificent tears signify my throat’s happiness…pure pleasure from having a mouth totally filled with cock.

I just hold it there and savor it as it continues to harden against my tongue. Simply de-li-cious. After waiting a few moments, I work my entire face up and down that slick rod, pulling my cheeks in with every suck. I am ready to milk it for all its worth. Have my cheeks filled with cum but first I must make it mine. I swirl my tongue in circles as it slides in and out and over my lips. I increase my speed, fondle the balls a little more intensely, and finger my pussy until it swallows my hand. I need the cum but even more so the experience leading up to explosion.

I want him to get to know my mouth with his entire cock. Let me know that every inch of that throbbing piece of meat is all, ALL mine. Then I will let loose and allow my mouth’s desperation to milk every last drop from his body. I feel the pre-cum begin to trickle down my throat and my enthusiasm rises. My mouth and tongue move hard and fast as I begin to feel the cock pulsate before it cums.

 I readjust my body so that my mouth may swallow him like a fountain. And then….and then it bursts. First, hard pumps of cum hit the back of my throat followed by the vibrating sensation of the dick’s personal desire to release all of its energy into me. I welcome it gladly before I explode over my fingers and onto my wrist. We are mutually and absurdly satisfied as I swallow the very last drop and allow my pussy to overflowth onto the floor. Marvelous!
Cum Let Me Suck You,
Bobbie Jo*