Friday, October 11, 2013

Craving Cum From Deprived Cocks: Feed My Phone Sex Fancy


Dear Diary,
    Woe is me. I am suffering from a cum-deficiency and desperately need to have my mouth pumped full of hot cum. If I could feed my desires intravenously, I would carry around a bag of sweet & salty semen everywhere I went but in the meantime, I am simply famished. I need a dose of oral phone sex, I need to get my lips wet, my tongue tickled, my face fucked......I need you. Spread my lips wide open, slip down over my soft palate, and feel my a cum-wretch like me...

     It is a rainy day and all I can think of is receiving a rough skull-fucking, my mouth overflowing with cum. This addiction is easy to satisfy but can be a drag when all the hard cocks are napping. Wake-up with some phone sex face fuckery, fill me to the rim, I want to feel it drip from my chin... I want be overrunneth with your cum..... Just forming the words with my moistened lips gets me excited, now all I need is a partner to join in my fiendish addiction...

     Stuck in the house with nobody to play with. Tank top, boy shorts, and too many popsicles. I find myself roaming from room to room giving imaginary blow jobs in every corner... drooling down chest, moistening my panties, waiting, just waiting for someone to phone sex the shit out of me with a throbbing hard cock. Tell me how they want to pull my hair and force my face into their lap, bang it against the back of my throat as my muscles tighten against that savory mushroom-head. Make me lap at it with the tip of my tongue before ramming it deep inside my mouth again...

    Yes, woe is me. Wet pussy, moist mouth, and no dicks to suck. Cum fill this phone sex void, let me taste the sweet satisfaction of your release, cure this craving, feed my hunger, I am begging for it... give it to me, give it to me now!

Long Slow Licks,

xoxo~ *Bobbie Jo*

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Oral Phone Sex Fixation: Diary of The Cum-Facial Queen


Dear Diary,
     My fixation with milking hard cocks with my mouth has intensified... I am always seeking a new outlet to get off while envisioning a rock hard dick in my mouth. I salivate at the thought of having oral phone sex and can't stop the constant craving for cum... cum on my face, cum on my tits, cum in my hair... I want to roll around in my cum-filled accomplishments. I imagine spreading the sweet & salty load from a man's most treasured member all over my skin. I need the silky satisfaction that only a hot shot from a hard cock can provide.

     I woke up late this morning desperately craving oral phone sex-- I had been fighting to stay asleep... I dreamt of an oral gang bang and wanted to stay in the moment forever. Surrounded by numerous dicks, of all shapes and sizes, my mouth and lower region began to moisten, I licked my lips, opened my mouth and welcomed the first taker. His cock was short and thick, it filled my mouth with its delightful splendor... I love to feel the smooth skin of a dick against the roof of my mouth....

    I closed my eyes and worked the head of his cock with my tongue... I could feel the hardness of the others pressing against various places on my body...the back of neck, my forehead, breasts, and stomach. As some got on their knees to fondle my body with their hardness, the others towered over me waiting to take turns in my mouth... Just as I was about to take the third cock, which was long, thick, and throbbing, I began to wake up... I needed satisfaction and frustrated from my near climax in the dream, I soon after had an equally thrilling orgasm during a phone sex milking of another admirer of oral sex...

    So diary, there you have it. I am a cock-sucking fiend, willing to go to any length to have, imagine, or discuss a rock hard dick cumming in me, on me, or hell...anywhere in my vicinity. I have yet to have any experience that compares to being able to describe my love and admiration for oral sex during a phone sex blow job. It satisfies two of my desires: the urge to milk a hard cock and the need to orally express my obsession with what I call "the art of oral sex." Hoping to increase the number of climaxes today by a million, I need more and probably always will...

Love Always,
Bobbie Jo (BJ-- *giggle*)

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