Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dick-Sucking Disco

     Dressed in black knee-hi boots, a hot pink mini-skirt, and a shirt that read “Daddy’s Little Girl,” I walked into the club ready to suck some cock. My lips were painted with bubble gum gloss and my hair was swept up off my neck in a clip (this helps have an incident-free cocksucking fest). I wish I had let my friend buy me the “Dick Suckers Anonymous” tee on the boardwalk but tonight my lips will have to serve as an invitation. A faceless, nameless man was propped up against the wall near the back and I got ready to pounce…
     I approached him with cat-like grace and proceeded to dance in front of him. The smile he cracked led me to back my ass up against his well-dressed cock. I could feel it hardening between my cheeks as I grinded my body against his. Once his cock was at full attention, I spun around to face him and danced my way down into a kneeling position. The crowds and darkness were enough to hide what I was about to do….still swaying my hips to the beat, I unzipped his pants and searched his boxers with my mouth. With ease, I was able to get my tongue into that adorable little entrance on his boxers…
     I ran my tongue gently around that aching head before applying a heavy enough suction to release the entirety of his cock from his pants and into my mouth. My pussy pulsated with every motion I applied to his ever-growing member. I let the heel of my boot find its way towards my panties and I preceded to heel fuck my cunt. His cock tasted like an ocean breeze, a champagne mimosa on a Sunday morning…a delicious mouth full of man. I let the head of his enormous cock rest in the back of my throat as I circled the entire shaft with my hungry tongue. Lapping anxiously from the base to the head…I wanted the moment to last forever but at the same time I desperately wanted to taste his cum…
     Out of the corner of my eye I saw a blurred vision but once my eyes focused, I realized I was enclosed in a circle of cocks. The well-dressed man deep in my throat had waved his buddies over and they were all awaiting my mouth. At that very moment, my pussy gushed all over the heel of my boot and I sucked all of the life out of that delicious dick. He came hard at first, pulsating rough waves hitting the back of my throat and then he finished off on the tip of my tongue. I did not swallow, instead I turned my head, opened my mouth wide, and allowed the next one to slide his cock over my cum-covered tongue.
      He was close to climaxing as he entered me…he grabbed my hair and repeatedly slammed his cock into the depths of my mouth. Within seconds, his body was trembling against my face as he released all of his energy into the pit of my stomach. The third one had already approached from behind and was squeezing and pinching my tits under my recently pulled-up shirt. He wasted no time before pulling my head backwards and dipping his rock hard rod in and out of my dripping wet mouth. My back was arched, tits exposed, and pussy throbbing as he fucked my face upside down from behind.

     Any moment I would have screamed for someone to touch me but my thoughts were answered. Another gentleman kneeled before me, violently sucking my nipples and finger pounding my pussy. I heard the circle of men cheering him on and for a moment I thought I had died and gone to cock-sucker’s heaven. He finger fucked both of my holes until his hand and wrists were covered in my welcomed release. As I came, long and hard, my mouth and throat tightened around that magnificent man meat in my mouth until I totally milked every last drop.  I blew bubbles with his cum and laughed in pure euphoric delirium. Thank goodness for men!! Actually scratch that, thank goodness for COCK!!  J

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